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  • 17 February 2018, 04:14
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Watch The Chi Season 1 Putlocker9 Full Episode

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  • Name :

    The Chi Season 1

  • Our rating
  • Country :


  • Directed by :

    Lena Waithe

  • Season List : The Chi

  • Cast :

    Jason Mitchell,Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine ,Jacob Latimore,Alex Hibbert,Yolanda Ross,Tiffany Boone,Armando Riesco,Birgundi Baker,

  • Genre :

    season / The Chi

  • Time :


The Chi Season 1 Putlocker9 Episode List:

The Chi Season 1 Episode 1 Putlocker9

1. Pilot

A fateful event sends shockwaves through a community on the South Side of Chicago and connects the lives of Brandon, Ronnie, Emmett and Kevin in wholly The Chi Season 1 Episode 1 ways.

The Chi Season 1 Episode 2 Putlocker9

2. Alee

Brandon reels from a loss as Ronnie realizes he’s made a grave mistake. Meanwhile, Emmett’s carefree life is upended. Best friends Papa and Jake taunt Kevin over his school crush Andrea. Detective

The Chi Season 1 Episode 3 Putlocker9

3. Ghosts

Brandon asks Kevin for help. Laverne and Greavy make a life-changing decision. Meanwhile, Amir looks to capitalize on Emmett's side gig while Quentin returns to town to launch his own investigation.

The Chi Season 1 Episode 4 Putlocker9

4. Quaking Grass

Brandon seeks refuge after Jerrika kicks him out. A physically and mentally ailing Ronnie runs into Rafiq. Meanwhile, Quentin takes a valued item from Trice while Kevin's quest ends with Brandon

The Chi Season 1 Episode 5 Putlocker9

5. Today was a Good Day

A neighborhood block party brings Brandon, Ronnie, Emmett and Kevin together. Brandon has a confrontation with Ronnie and gets surprised by Jerrika.

The Chi Season 1 Episode 6 Putlocker9

6. Penetrate a Fraud

Brandons activities jeopardize his relationship following Jerrika. Ronnie uncovers secrets nearly his surrogate sons late accrual and gives a crucial fragment of mention to the police. Meanwhile,

The Chi Season 1 Episode 7 Putlocker9

7. The Whistle

Brandon compromises his employment by defending a co-worker. Emmett spends an eye-activate hours of daylight once Quentin. At the roller rink, Kevin tries to obtain Andrea's attention.

The Chi Season 1 Episode 8 Putlocker9

8. Wallets

Brandon branches out on his own, while Emmett searches for his son after Tiffany takes him away. Ronnie seeks redemption at a mosque where he meets Rafiq. Kevin tries to stop his best friend from

The Chi Season 1 Episode 9 Putlocker9

9. Namaste Muthafucka

Brandon attempts a reconciliation with Jerrika, but struggles to establish his business. Kevin realizes he can't stop Jake. Emmett reels when Jada is offered a job in another state.

The Chi Season 1 Episode 10 Putlocker9

10. Ease On Down The Road

Ronnie faces his past crimes. Meanwhile, Brandon's plan to finance his business goes awry. Kevin stars in the school play and attends a cast party with his friends. Emmett decides to fight for full

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